Eurovision Song Contest: Building Bridges

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I hope you are doing well. Today I want to talk about the Eurovision Song Contest final that took place yesterday. First off all I want to say to all the people who are now reading this but aren't from Europe or Australia. This contest is very important to us. We take it very seriously and are never in the mood to joke about it. Allright? Ok let's move on.

Last year the contest was won by Austria by Conchita Wurst.

This is her, yes she has a beard, get over it please. Anyway this year Austria could host the event.
This year it was the 60th birthday of the contest, that is why Australia was able to compete this year.
I am from Belgium and we have send Loïc Nottet but I will get back to him later. A total of 40 countries participated but only 27 made it to the final. Here is my top 3 of those 27.

 3. Austria - Makemakers - I Am Yours

I liked their song, and they sett the piano on fire so you know that is worth extra show points. My       love for them didn't really help I guess because they ended last together with Germany, they both didn't get any points!
2. Letvia - Animata - Love Injected

I absolutely loved her song! And that dress, and just everything about her she ended in the 6th place with a total of 186 points.

1. Belgium - Loïc Nottet - Rhythm Inside

I do not only like this song because it is the Belgian participant. It is a fantastic song and it was an amazing performance! If  you haven't seen the music video of this song yet you are missing out! Loïc also made a great cover of Sia's Chandelier. Sia even tweeted about it! Did I already tel you that he designed the clothes for his performance himself and that he also made them? On top of that, he is only 19! There is a little documentary about him, you find it here. And a beautiful Tumblr post here. He ended on the 4th place with a total of 217 points,which  is pretty good for Belgium. Anyway I think he is pretty cute! I mean look at him! 

Sweden won the contest, I do not agree with that. The singer has said in an interview last year that gay people are unnatural, this year in his speech after he had won the contest he said that it doesn't matter who you love. The only thing I was thinking during his speech is that Conchita (standing next to him) should kiss him! But that didn't happen.

That was all folks!


Ps. We're gonna ra-pa-pa tonight!!
PPs. here is another GIF (not mine)(those eyes! omg!)

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