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Hey there,
Today I want to talk about the collation that Rachel Antonoff designed for & Other Stories
A while ago I saw this promotion video for the collection and I had fallen in love already. The video was written and directed by Lena Dunham.

The collection is wonderful, the colors are perfect and the message behind the whole thing is truly inspiring. Here is the quote that i fell in love with.
“I love the idea of a driven, smart girl running for an unknown office, and I created a collection around the different aspects of her day to day life on the trail”
If there is one thing that I find important in life it would be equality, because we are all human beings and should all be treated in the same way. I don't live in the USA but I can feel the problem every where.

Back to the collection now, these are some of my favorite pics.

The collection is a bit pricy I know. But that doesn't take away the beauty of it.

That was all folks!


Ps. here is a happy GIF (not mine)

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